Welcome to my sandbox.

My name is Jack, and I'm a web designer/developer in the Washington, DC area. spaceforaname is my repository for any little side projects and experiments that I may find myself working on.


A flexible jQuery photo gallery plugin with a wide range of options. The goal of this project is to create a single plugin capable of creating a wide variety of gallery types.

The current version of GalleryView is a near complete refactor of the original code base (written back in 2009). As such, some features have been removed and others remain to be implemented. GalleryView is currently in development.

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Hanging With Friends Solve-o-Matic

A proof of concept JavaScript app for solving Hanging With Friends puzzles. Given the length of the word and the last vowel in the word, the app will suggest which letter to guess next.

In the future I'll do some optimization and make this app more mobile-friendly.

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